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Scientific Modeling Bibliography


Book cover: Methods of Computer Modeling in Engineering and the Sciences


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Models in Science

Stanford University Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Models are the Building Blocks of Science (101)


An Agent-Based Conception of Models and Scientific Representation


Why computer modeling should become a popular hobby

D-Lib Magazine, October 1996, Guest Editorial

Kenneth D. Forbus, Professor of Computer Science and Education
The Institute for the Learning Sciences, Northwestern University, USA


Contra Epstein, Good Explanations Predict


User Generated Geographic Information and Natural Hazards – 
How Volunteered Geographic Information Can Contribute to the Risk Analysis and
Impact Assessment of Forest Fires


Applications of Agent Based Models




Three-Tier based Global Awareness: A comprehensive Mashup Model using Semantic Networks, GIS and Web3D


On the Semantics Of Real-Time Domain Specific Modeling Languages
PhD Thesis. Jose E. Rivera. October, 2010. Advisors: Francisco Durán and Antonio Vallecillo.


Computational Modeling of Organizations Comes of Age

Raymond E. Levitt. 2004. Computational Modeling of Organizations Comes of Age. Comput. Math. Organ. Theory 10, 2 (July 2004), 127-145


An introduction to Model Driven Architecture




Agent-Based Modeling of Social Complex Systems


A computer model that creates biography-like narratives


Structural Modeling: An Application Framework and Development Process for Flight Simulators



Proceedings of the Ninth Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop

University of Plymouth, UK, 8 – 10 September 2004


Modeling languages -- how to model computer languages used in scientific and computer modeling methodologies


By Radovan Cervenka, Ivan Trencansky


A Computational Model of Everything


Knowledge Modeling


Introduction to Knowledge Modeling




Guided Tour of Ontology



Neural Networks


An introduction to neural networks


Mediated Reality


Interactive Mediated Reality Raphael Grassetα Laurence Boissieux, Jean-D. Gascuel, Dieter Schmalstieg 2005


Ubiquitous Computing


Mark Weiser. "The world is not a desktop". Interactions; January 1994; pp. 7-8.

Mark Weiser, "Hot Topics: Ubiquitous Computing" IEEE Computer, October 1993.

Mark Weiser, "Some Computer Science Problems in Ubiquitous Computing," Communications of the ACM, July 1993. (reprinted as "Ubiquitous Computing". Nikkei Electronics; December 6, 1993; pp. 137-143.)

Mark Weiser, "The Computer for the Twenty-First Century," Scientific American, pp. 94-10, September 1991

Ubiquitous Computing
R. Jason Weiss Development Dimensions Internation
J. Philip Craiger University of Nebraska–Omaha




Fiction and Scientific Representation


The epistemology of mathematical and statistical modeling: a quiet methodological revolution.


Fostering students epistemologies of models via model-based tasks




Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation


Journal of Chemical Engineering and Modeling


SIMULATION: Transactions of The Society for Modeling and Simulation International


Computer Modeling for Engineering and Sciences


Domain specific papers and publications




Modeling and Simulation in Agricultural Pest Management



Social Science modeling


Data Preservation Alliance for the Social Sciences: A Model for Collaboration


ICPSR Content Models for Social Science data


CRAN Task View: Statistics for the Social Sciences


Virtual Heritage


Virtual Heritage Reconstruction: The Old Main Church of Curitiba, Brazil


Crowd Simulation for Virtual Heritage

Branislav Ulicny and Daniel Thalmann


Models in Science




Formats for Modeling