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 Ethnic Power Relations (EPR) all politically relevant ethnic groups and their access to state power in every country of the world from 1946 to 2005. It includes annual data on over 733 groups and codes the degree to which their representatives held executive-level state power—from total control of the government to overt political discrimination. By researchers at the ETH Zurich and the University of California Los Angeles.

Project home page: http://dvn.iq.harvard.edu/dvn/dv/epr


Geo-Referencing of Ethnic Groups (GREG) - data project geo-references ethnic groups around the world. Relying on maps and data drawn from the classical Soviet Atlas Narodov Mira, the “Geo-referencing of ethnic groups” (GREG) dataset employs geographic information systems (GIS) to represent group territories as polygons. >> more >>


Natural Earth public domain map dataset available at 1:10m, 1:50m, and 1:110 million scales. Featuring tightly integrated vector and raster data



data.gov - U.S. government data site



World Bank data - data.worldbank.org/


United Nations data - data.un.org/


Satellite imagery


ResMap  -   free online access to GIS-ready satellite data. Imagery covering the entire globe is accessible, with resolutions ranging from 1 km to 14.25 metres for most areas, and in some selected regions 1 metre imagery is available  http://www.resmap.com/products/index.html





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